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Founding Coller Ignite

Founding Coller Ignite: The Entrepreneurship Club

Israel is the startup nation, and Tel Aviv is undoubtedly its capital. It is the city with the highest startups per capita in the world, and it’s ranked 6 in the global startup scene; higher than Berlin, Shanghai or Los Angeles. Not only startups flourish in Tel-Aviv, but an entire eco-system of hubs, accelerators, meetups, conferences, hackathons, competitions, and fairs.

Tel Aviv is the ideal place for ideas, innovation, and new ventures. It is only natural that this unique entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the atmosphere of Tel Aviv University (TAU). For example, for the fourth year in a row, Pitchbook ranked Tel Aviv University as #9 in producing VC-backed entrepreneurs. We believe it’s time to take this advantage to the next level by leveraging Coller School of Management’s powerful arena and comprehensive knowledge, and found Coller Ignite: The Entrepreneurship Club, making the outstanding entrepreneurial potential an integral part of TAU’s DNA.

We want to give students the opportunity to explore the entrepreneurial path as part of their on-campus experience; by participating in events, meeting other entrepreneurs, sharing ideas and creating new connections and ventures. With its explorative nature and multidisciplinary environment, we believe the university is the ideal setting to discover the potential of entrepreneurship, ignite innovative ideas and build the right partnerships to execute them.

We also know that the entrepreneurial journey, while fascinating and fulfilling, can sometimes be lonely and frustrating. We want to assist the club members in their entrepreneurial journey, by providing them tools, practical knowledge and mentorship; but most of all, by creating a community of passionate people, who face similar challenges, and can help, support and inspire one another.

Ignite is an entrepreneurial community giving students and alumni the opportunity to explore an entrepreneurial path as part of the on-campus experience, by participating in events, engaging with other entrepreneurs, sharing ideas and creating new partnerships.

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