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Ziv Aviram’s Top 3 Tips to Have a Successful Business Partnership

By Tamar Ford

Choose a partner you can trust

Aviram says that having Dr. Amnon Shashua as a trustworthy business partner was one of the best decisions he made early on. Being at the top is lonely: you have to make decisions and you take responsibility for them. Having a partner means you share the responsibility and you are able to feel much more confident in making business decisions together

Be clear about responsibilities

When you share your business with a partner, it's crucial to communicate your respective roles and responsibilities in the company. Aviram says that his dynamic with Dr. Shashua worked well precisely because they came from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Don’t ask everyone for their opinions

Some people like to get a lot of opinions in hopes of reaching a better decision. Counter-intuitively, Aviram says that this will only waste your time and add confusion to an already frustrating situation. The best way to reach a conclusion is to confer with a trustworthy partner or other member at the company that understands the nuances of the company and reach a conclusion together that you both feel good about.


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