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Yuval Tal Explains 4 Ways High-Tech Workers Can Gauge Company Success

By Tamar Ford

1. Know the boss and the bosses’ boss

Yuval points out that if you're investing time and energy in a company, it is important to know who you’re getting involved with before you begin. Spend time getting to know your superiors and make sure that you can establish a level of trusting communication. Yuval also recommends checking out the founders of the company if they are not a part of the management. Get to know your boss, and get to know your boss's boss.

2. Get close to your team

At a startup company, chances are your team will be in a relatively intimate work environment and the work will be interrelated. Don’t be afraid to get close and get to know them! In most cases, you will be with them for a few years- in fact, most high functioning teams have been together for at least 7 years!

3. Check their market orientation

Yuval says that another good way to know if the company has a bright future is to see if they have a firm understanding of their industry and their competition. Who’s their closest rival? What are the differences between rivals? Why is the company’s value proposition unique? Do your own research and engage in a thoughtful discussion with the team.

4. Talk to investors

Yuval advises as follows: to get in touch with the company’s current investors (Angels, VC’s, etc.) who have already invested, and ask them if they would invest more into the company. Count the seconds it takes for them to answer. If they answer yes within the same second, then Yuval counts it as a good sign of confidence in the company’s future.

This content follows an event with Yuval Tal, courtesy of Ignite by Coller and TAUi.


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